Grants for Individuals

Who can apply?

Any young person between the ages of 11 and 25 who is looking to fund an activity or project that will enhance their experience of life and growth in Christian faith.

What do we fund?

  • Attendance at Events – such as an International Scout Jamboree or the annual Future Global Leaders’ Conference in USA.
  • Character Building by Adventure – such as Raleigh International; or outward bound courses (especially if based at a Christian centre).
  • Gap Year Projects where the young person as a volunteer, needs living expenses or air travel costs to their destination. Experience of another culture, of work to alleviate poverty and disease will be given priority.
  • Vocational Training where there may be difficulties in accessing Statutory grant aid – such as Bible College, Christian Dance and Drama. Or where the student chooses to take a medical elective or a field course in a developing country rather than locally in this country.

What do we not fund?

MYA will not fund:

  • if you do not have a permanent address in the United Kingdom.
  • if you or your activities or project demonstrate only physical or intellectual development with little or no prospect for spiritual development and maturing in Christian faith.
  • if you need funding for students’ fees or living expenses on government-recognised college or university courses.

Size of Grants

Grants vary between £25 and £1000.   Most are for £300 to £500.  The trustees meet for grant-making twice a year, in June and November.  If you want funding, but the next trustees’ meeting is after the time of your project or event, we are able between meetings to make small grants of up to £250. The same criteria apply for what we can and what we cannot fund as for the normal grants to individuals.  See examples for an indication of what we have given recently.

Follow Up

As a responsible grant-making trust, MYA needs to know that the money we give is being used wisely and properly. We therefore ask all successful applicants to send us a report after the event to tell us how they used their grant. With this, we also aim to use our funds well and to improve our grant-making so that the money works well for everybody.

How to Apply

  1. You need to complete an application form that you obtain from the Secretary (see Contact Us page). This tells us what you want to do, what it will cost, and how you are going to fund it.
  2. You send the form, with a copy of any brochure or information sheet if your activity is organized by an outside body, to the Secretary.
  3. For it to be considered at the next grant-making meeting, it needs to arrive before the closing date:
    31 May for the June meeting or 31 October for the November meeting.
  4. Your application will be acknowledged when we receive it, and we will let you know the result straight after the meeting. Grants to successful applicants are usually available by the end of the month of the grant-making meeting.

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