Examples- Project Grants

Recent grants to organisations

  • Potters Church Youth Group (Methodist), Stoke on Trent.   A youth group with an increasing membership of asylum seeker teenagers.  In addition to weekly meetings the group organises short residentials at an activity centre twice a year and other outings that have a cost to participants.  Request to fund the cost of these activities for any members whose families are living in financial difficulty.   Grant:  3 years  £1,185; £2,215; £1,800  http://www.potterschurch.co.uk/
  • Café 100, (Ecumenical) Holmfirth.   Drop-in youth cafe providing a safe space for young people in a small town where council youth provision has closed.   A high proportion of vulnerable young people use the service and are supported by youth workers to plan and carry out their own projects.   Grant needed for core funding towards the cost of youth worker.   Grant: 3 years  £5,000; £3,750;  £3,750  https://cafe100holmfirth.org.uk/
  • Monk Bretton Guides (Methodist) Barnsley.   Towards cost of funding an expedition by 10 girls accompanied by leaders to a small isolated community in Lesotho which has been linked with the local community in Barnsley.   Funds are being raised locally over 2 years to pay for travel and donations of equipment the guides will take to the village.   Grant:  £1,000
  • Charing Cross Methodist Youth Club,  Birkenhead.  A youth project covering a deprived town centre area and open several times a week, evenings and weekends.   Practical involvement in a band has developed over several years and been extended to puppetry.  Continuation funding is needed to support two part-time music workers. Grant: £2,000 per year for 3 years.   https://www.thecrossbirkenhead.com/
  • The King’s Cross Church, Doncaster.  (Methodist) Youth work based at a church in an area of severe deprivation with no local authority services for children and young people.   The area includes residents from migrant communities.  A variety of activities are offered including football, music, regular club nights, outings and residentials.   Meeting while enjoying joint activities helps to overcome ethnic barriers.   Funding is needed towards the salary of the Full-time Family Worker.  Grant: £4,000 per year for 3 years.   https://www.thekingscrosschurch.org.uk/
  • OneSound.  National (Ecumenical)   Developed from MAYC Orchestra and Singers.  Facilitates the establishment of music ensembles made up of young instrumentalists and singers and provides input into event weekends and concerts hosted by churches.  There is a waiting list of young people eager to join and churches keen to host an event.   Support for the fees of the professional Artistic Director would bring the cost within reach of churches that are unable to meet the full cost.  Grant :  £3,600 per year for 3 years.  https://www.onesound.org.uk/
  • Sunderland Samba FC  (Methodist)   Christian youth work using football as a medium to engage young people in Sunderland and with a well -established link with a Girls’ football team in Kenya.  Most Sunderland members are from poor estates and include asylum seekers and refugees.  Regular weekly sessions provide a safe space for young people and volunteer coaches to come together and build new friendships through playing football and improving their fitness.   Core funding to cover basic running costs needed.  Grant: £3,000 per year for 3 years.   http://sunderlandsamba.com/
  • Market Drayton Methodist Church  Youth work based in a market town, composed of activities within the church and outreach work in local schools.  The youth work is led by one employed worker and a team of volunteers.   In addition to fun activities there are special programmes for young people to prepare them for the move to secondary school and one-to-one mentoring for some who are particularly vulnerable.   The work is growing and funding is needed to continue the employment of the youth worker.   Grant: £3,500 per year for 3 years.  http://mdmc.org.uk/


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